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Ground Dwelling Hornets by Bullseye Pest Management

For correct Pest Management you need accurate Pest Diagnosis. Would you have known what this was? Rely on Bullseye Pest Management owner and operator, certified applicator Steve Moseley for decades of experience in seeing just about everything.

Ground Nesting Hornets in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

"Very unusual! So, that is a ground dwelling hornet, that has decided to go up 8 feet high - I've seen it before in weep holes, things like that, usually areas close to the ground, within two to three feet, small openings, weep holes, other areas that allow access into wall voids but close to the ground level - that's obviously at the soldier bricks on the inner fascia. It's not a paper wasp nest, obviously, anyone that's seen a variety of paper wasps nests knows that's not what that is - but, it's the exact same paper, of the, insects, do exactly like the paper wasp but, it's not, it's ground dwelling hornet."

"It almost looks like artwork to me, by comparison, you don't see the cells and things like you would with a regular paper wasp. The ground dwelling hornet is generally building this death star type of thing inside that void that is usually the size of a basketball, and within that thing will be multiple layers that will contain the cells for like, raising their young, and things like that. This is a pretty rare thing - this, it's pretty tripped out."

What can look impossible in nature can often be something simple but unexpected. Call Steve at Bullseye Pest Management locally at 682-472-4435 or toll free from anywhere across DFW and beyond at 800-466-4451 for accurate identification and the best treatment.

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