Green Lynx Spider with Egg Sac by- Bullseye Pest Management

Green Lynx Spider by Bullseye Pest Management

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The green lynx spider is green like a leaf and has spiny legs resembling small thorny plant stems. The green lynx spider can adjust colors to closer blend and match with the greens of its surroundings. Female green lynx spiders placed on different colored backgrounds changed their colors to match in just over two weeks time.

The green lynx spider spins a web in the form of a dragline which is used in movement and for egg sacs, but not used in web traps to capture prey. Green lynx spiders jump and ambush their prey attacking with their poisonous fangs. Relatively harmless to humans, green lynx spiders can spit their poison up to eight inches and their jumping attack precision is bested only by actual jumping spiders, confirmed by the IFAS.

The green lynx spider is a beneficial garden spider, often found feeding on varieties of crop destroying moths and caterpillars - although they are also known to hunt bees and wasps, important bee creators and pollinators. However this is often the case with other beneficial insect predators, such as praying mantises.

Very rarely harmful to humans, effective predators against garden pest insects, and frequently overlooked due to their spot-on camouflage, the green lynx spider can be easily ignored and left undisturbed if found in your yard and shrubs.

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I don’t see them very often. I took the pictures because of the unusually large egg sac she was tending. - Steve Moseley, Bullseye Pest Management

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