Fire Ant Pest Control in Burleson TX

Bullseye Pest Management can handle all manner of ant infestation.

Fire Ants are not only renowned for their fire-like sting when they bite, but are also amazingly destructive. Fire Ants if not exterminated can destroy crops, damage irrigation systems in yards and gardens, ravage seeded fields and wreak havoc on livestock and local wildlife. Fire Ants are especially attracted to fields generated by electrical conductivity and they infest and destroy electrical boxes, circuits, switching mechanisms and electricity junctions. This behavior of fire ants leads them to destroy air conditioning systems, lawn lighting systems, outdoor circuit boxes and meters. In the United States alone fire ant damage is estimated at one billion dollars a year, which is considerably more than the damage caused by Boll Weevils and only a half billion behind damage estimated to be caused by Termites.

Do not take a chance on the safety of your children, yourself or your neighbors. Don't fool yourself into thinking that if the fire ants are left alone they'll not be dangerous - they can just as easily destroy valuable electronics and foundations on your property as attack you, your loved ones or your pets. If you see signs of fire ants or any other insect infestation call Bullseye Pest Management for a free inspection and evaluation of your pest problem.

Fire Ant Pest Control Burleson TX

Fire Ant Pest Control Burleson TX - Bullseye Pest Management can handle all manner of Ant Infestations anywhere in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area. Call Bullseye Pest Management at the first sign of Ant Infestation and we will handle your ant infestation immediately.

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