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Carpenter Ant Video by Bullseye Pest Management

Knowing what kind of ant you're looking at is important for understanding the bigger picture of what the infestation is and how to treat it, but also how to manage and prevent it.

Bullseye Pest Management is available to help you with your ant problem. Certified Applicator and owner / operator Steve Moseley had this to say about this particular lone ant, and how he was an indication of a bigger concern.

"This video is a lone scout Carpenter Ant. Taken while performing a Wood Destroying Insect Report for a customer. An important and recognized wood destroying organism by the Texas Department of Agriculture, the carpenter ant often makes galleries in the wood to raise their younglings. Easy to identify, the carpenter ant is one of the largest ants we have in our area. Paying close attention to the foliage around the property that is next to the structure when treating will insure complete control, as these ants are often found in with shrubs and trees, etc."

This ant could be a bigger indicator of the presence of Wood Destroying Insects. Call Steve at Bullseye Pest Management locally at 682-472-4435 or toll free from anywhere across DFW and beyond at 800-466-4451 for accurate identification and the best treatment.

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