Pest Control Brown Recluse Spider by Bullseye Pest Management in Arlington

Brown Recluse Pest Control with Bullseye Pest Management

The Brown Recluse spider, (Loxosceles reclusa) is a spider with necrotic venom. Although not common, it can be found in Texas including the DFW area. Bullseye Pest Management's Certified Applicator Steve Moseley found this one in the most common of Brown Recluse's hiding places, a closet.

Brown Recluse Spider in DFW by Bullseye Pest Management

Brown Recluse spiders found in homes are most often hanging out near webs made and left behind by other spiders, in dark and "cave like" areas, such as closets and storage cubbies. They favor cardboard, boxes and stacks of undisturbed packaging or clothes. Brown Recluse come into contact with humans most often when areas and items like this are disrupted, usually by bouts of "spring cleaning".

Brown Recluse Spider in Fort Worth by Bullseye Pest Management

While Brown Recluse spiders are not particularly aggressive, they are one of two North American spiders carrying necrotic venom, and should be considered life threatening. Brown Recluse spiders are more likely to run from trouble but if cornered or threatened can defend themselves with their venomous bite.

Brown Recluse Spider Pest Control  by Bullseye Pest Management in Arlington
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