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Bullseye Pest Management specializes in Bee Removal for residences and business.  Contact Bullseye Pest Management toll Free and 800-466-4451 or locally in Arlington at 682-472-4435

Bee removal can be tricky and dangerous depending on the situation. If you're trying to remove a swarm of bees from a roof, doing so without protective gear can be extremely risky. On the other hand, if you're looking to remove a lone bee on your property, killing it is the safest option.

There are several different approaches to bee removal: spraying them with insecticides; capturing them in jars and releasing them further away; using smoke to confuse them; or getting a professional exterminator. The type of approach that is best for you depends on the situation. The most important thing is to be safe while removing bees.

The best defense against bees is to keep them away by preventing the first hive from ever getting established. There are a number of ways to prevent hives from taking root in your yard: 1. Remove peeling paint, woodpiles and other potential nesting sites. 2. Remove any vegetation that overhangs rooftops, such as ivy or fig trees. 3. Use an insecticide when you first see the bees; this will drive them away and make it harder for new hives to set up camp in the same location. 4. Close off all openings to your yard by boarding up any openings that may allow bees entry. 5. Install barriers such as netting, fencing or boards that can be covered with tarps to keep bees out of areas where they aren’t wanted. 6. Keep a garden hose close by in case you need to knock down a hive quickly – don’t try to spray them with pesticides directly, though, as that may kill the colony and cause more problems than it solves!

Professional Bee Removal is sometimes warranted for homeowners and businesses. Bees can cause a tremendous amount of damage to property, both by stinging people as well as by destroying crops and plants. These stings can be painful and can lead to allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Stopping the spread of bees can mean the difference between having a thriving garden or one that struggles to grow enough food to feed everyone in the family. 

Fortunately, there are ways you can protect your property from bee infestation.  Placing bee-repellent plants around your home will keep bees from settling in. These plants are usually very aromatic and have a strong scent that bees find distasteful. Try placing them near windows, doors, and other places where bees might be able to enter your home. You should also try to keep bees away from your property by using traps or repellents made specifically for this purpose.

Ultimately, if you find yourself in need of professional bee removal, contact Bullseye Pest Management toll Free and 800-466-4451 or locally in Arlington at 682-472-4435


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