Animal Trapping in Arlington TX

Bullseye Pest Management of Arlington Texas provides Animal Trapping services to Residential and Commercial Properties. We were called out to a local residence in Arlington on October 21st of 2012 for animal trapping services of an unknown animal heard scurrying in the attic and crawlspaces late at night and in the early morning. As the animal sounds were only to be heard late at night and early in the morning, the critter was suspected to be nocturnal, most likely an Opossum or Raccoon.

Bullseye Pest Management delivered and set up the Animal Trap using our favorite source of bait food, and within 2 nights the Raccoon was caught and removed from the property in a cruelty-free manner. The owner was originally concerned that the noise was rats, but investigation of the area revealed no rat droppings or presence of rats, and after the Raccoon was removed there was no more noise or evidence of activity.

Animal Trapping Services Raccoon Arlington Texas

Animal Trapping Services Raccoon Arlington Texas

The best cure for keeping Raccoons, Opossums and other neighborhood pests out of your house is to inspect your home for holes, cracks and easy access. Bullseye Pest Management can thoroughly inspect your home for openings that critters and neighborhood pests can use as access. We can perform exclusion work to seal off holes, unintended entry points and open access. Tree branches also provide highways and bridges to your home for squirrels. Bullseye Pest Management recommends tree branches be trimmed back at least eight to ten feet from the roof line.

Bullseye Pest Management performs Pest Control Services in all of Dallas / Fort Worth! We will NOT be undersold. Bring us any advertisement, published price or written estimate and we will beat it with our award winning service!

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