Acrobat Ant Indentification with Bullseye Pest Management

Have you seen sawdust or fluffy debris in a tiny pile? You might be tempted to suspect termites or carpenter ants. But it may be something different - it may be Acrobat Ants. The Acrobat Ant (Crematogaster) looks similar to the wood-gallering Carpenter Ant, but it has a distinctive heart-shaped rear-end, lending to their more common name the Saint Valentine ant.

Acrobat Ant Debris In Window Sill Bullseye Pest Management

Acrobat Ants do not roam far from water and seek out moisture and damp areas, such as the foam insulation beneath house siding or leaks in roofs and walls where insulation may be harboring moisture. The Acrobat Ant name is derived from their tendency when defending to raise the back-end of their body up over their heads like an acrobat.

Acrobat Ant Debris with Bullseye Pest Management

Adding to their often mistaken identity, Acrobat ants can take over wood that termites and carpenter ants have previously damaged. Acrobat ants will invade and clean out galleries made by other insects, but their disposal of rubbish and debris will be less organized and specific than carpenter ants, who use designated shoots for disposing trash and their dead.

Window Blinds Full Of Debris From Acrobat Ants

Correctly identifying and treating the right insect is half the battle in professional pest management. If you see debris or sawdust and suspect termites, carpenter ants or acrobat ants, call Certified Applicator and Bullseye Pest Management owner / operator Steve Moseley directly at 682-472-4435 or toll free from anywhere across Dallas / Fort Worth at 800-466-4451.

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